•  Information Architecture

    Information architecture is the backbone of your website. It defines the underlying structure and content organization of a website, and heavily influences the user experience.

    How deep does your navigation go? Is it easy and intuitive for site visitors to find relevant content? How will they contact you? What will they do if they get stuck? I can help you map and organize your content for maximum efficiency.

    Information architecture involves research, user personas, wireframes and prototypes.

  •  UI and UX Design

    It can be argued that user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design are the most important components of a successful web project. UI is the forward-facing, visible components of your website or app. UX is the overall experience your customer has with your website or app.

    Don't leave these to chance! Make sure your users' experience with your online presence is as strong as possible. I will work with you to create a solution that solves your business problems while remaining approachable, appealing and usable to your target audience.

  •  Web Design

    I apply traditional design methodologies to interactive design projects. My background in graphic design and art history ensures that a unique blend of typography knowledge, color theory, and design systems understanding will be applied to your project.

    It's hard to find a designer with equal parts graphic design expertise + technical know-how. I'm your needle in the haystack!

  •  Web Development

    My web development services include HTML5, CSS (Sass and Less), JavaScript (jQuery) and responsive frameworks (Bootstrap and Foundation).

    I use Git for version control and have experience with Team Foundation Server. I use GitHub and Beanstalk for my code repositories and take advantage of the power of DeployBot.

    I believe strongly in adapability, usability and accessibility. You'll hear and see me use phrases like microformats, schemas and ARIA roles. Don't worry about the buzzwords, just know that I have your (and your users') best interests in mind.

    As an outsource development partner, I work closely with agency and freelance clients to turn design concepts into functional, semantic code that can be integrated into back-end systems, or handed off to their clients for internal use.

  •  CMS Implementation

    I have extensive experience designing and developing for a variety of content management system (CMS) solutions. I recommend and use CraftCMS, ExpressionEngine, Statamic and WordPress. I'm a member of the ExpressionEngine Pro Network and have over 10 years experience developing ExpressionEngine-powered websites.

    I also have several years of experience working in Microsoft Visual Studio, and working with a distributed team within Visual Studio Online.

    Every tool out there approaches content management in a unique way. Not all websites are created equal, nor are all tools created equal. I will work with you to choose the right solution for your particular needs.

  •  Content Marketing

    I work with my good friends and business partners at SMO Pros, Jeff Kent and Dan Kobler, to provide highly effective full-service digital marketing solutions. In addition to search engine optimization and social media marketing, we can deliver on-point and engaging content for your website.

    We can help with lead generation, sales optimization, e-newsletters, blogs and much more. We are HubSpot certified and will help you drive more traffic to your online properties. More importantly, we will help you convert that new-found traffic into qualified leads.