"We hired Eric in 2010 to help CSU-Global Campus build out a new website as our previous one had many issues. Eric listened to our needs, helped us shape the frame for what we wanted, and built it out exactly how we had hoped for. He was efficient and responsive to our needs and changes for the website but while teaching us our to help ourselves with small edits. After the successful launch of the website, we have kept Eric on board for his help in other areas because he is so knowledgeable, friendly, and quick to respond. I would highly recommend Eric to any business who has a need for web services."

— Lauren Auskewicz, CSU Global Campus

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A Great User Experience Begins with Great Web Design

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Your website design plays a huge role in how long visitors stay on your website. Your website only has a matter of seconds to capture a user's attention before they decide they cannot find what they are looking for. A high bounce rate (the rate in which users leave your site after visiting one page) is often due to a poor user experience. If you find that your website is experiencing a high bounce rate with little to no conversions, improving your user experience design is a must. Below are some key elements to consider for improving user experience.

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The Benefits of Using a Content Management System

  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Design
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When it comes to creating and operating a website, a good content management system is a must in today's web-focused world.

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9 Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity

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  • Technology

Living life on the go has become common. From professional CEOs, stay-at-home parents, and college students, the idea of mobility brings peace of mind in a social and professional world that is constantly in motion. Here's nine mobile apps to keep you organized, in the loop, and productive.

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